Irish Organic Seaweed Products for Health and Beauty from Algaran, Co. Donegal, Ireland - Certified Organic by Organic Trust Ltd Licence No.778

AlgAran Organic Irish Seaweed Products for Health & Beauty

Natural and Organic Irish Seaweed Products Donegal, Ireland Kelp


Deliveries may be delayed!
Our Production should start by the end of February 2017!
Situated in Southwest Donegal, all AlgAran seaweed is organically hand harvested locally with maximum respect/care for the marine environment.

Harvested seaweed is rinsed on the shore and dried at low temperatures to preserve its rich nutritional content.

Our organic certification requires that all seaweed produced is free from contamination and regular analysis ensures that all seaweed products are safe and healthy to eat.

AlgAran Seaweed Products are processed at the order. This means that purchasing OnLine you will always receive fresh Organic Seaveg, Organic Irish Seaweed Food and Organic Irish Seaweed Cosmetics, full of active ingredients from the Ocean.

Why purchase Organic Certified Seaweed Products?

Organic Certification Seaweed 2016
Organic Certification Cosmetics 2016

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