Irish Organic Seaweed Products for Health and Beauty from Algaran, Co. Donegal, Ireland - Certified Organic by Organic Trust Ltd Licence No.778

Why Should We Only Eat Organic Certified Seaweed?


Seaweed has to be harvested and processed conforming
EU Regulations 834/2007 Reg 710/2009 (part of Reg 889/2008)

Certification of Algaran Organic Seaweed Products for Health & Beauty - , County Donegal, Ireland - click for pdf
Certification for Algaran Organic  Seaweed Products, County Donegal, Ireland - click for pdf
The Certification Body requires:
  • That the seaweed is only sourced on clean shores
  • That within a few hours it will be processed
  • That the harvesters have the maximum respect for the marine environment
  • That the packet of seaweed you buy is safe and healthy
  • That the Labels are conforming
  • That there is no possible contamination throughout the whole process
  • That the processing and packaging Company is Registered with the Health Bord

Algaran also guarantees with full documentation that their seaweed:
  • is only Irish and Local
  • it doesn't contain Heavy Metals (index of contamination)
  • its processing temperatures never exceed 30 d.C.
  • it has been freshly harvested (date of harvest appears on the label)

REMEMBER! Non Organic Certified Seaweed ... might be polluted!

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