Irish Organic Seaweed Products for Health and Beauty from Algaran, Co. Donegal, Ireland - Certified Organic by Organic Trust Ltd Licence No.778

Organic Seaweed SPA Treatment in a bottle

Lavender Bath  Sponge for Face & Neck with Scrub Soap - Natural Irish Seaweed Spa Products from AlgAran, County Donegal, Ireland

 1 Seaweed SPA treatment in a bottle, 200ml

Seaweed Concentrate, detoxifying & invigorating, with Organic Essential Oils, 100% organic

The ancient Greeks believed in the healing power of Sea water and related sea therapies. Plato stated that the Sea cures all ailments of man, Cato the Elder used to serve his slaves a mix of wine and seawater to restore their energy, Hippocrates, Euripides and Aristoteles recommended hot seawater baths to wash away “all men illnesses”.
The Seawater cures are still identified with the Greek word “Thalassotherapy”, which means “Therapy with Seawater”.
This is not such a discovery for most of us, as we have all experienced the health benefits of swimming in the sea or breathing the marine air.
Moreover, we must remember that the planet life evolved out of the oceans, therefore, swimming in seawater can be considered as the need of our body to return to our primary source of life.

SPA in a bottle is Seawater and Seaweed all in one bottle, ready for use.

Instructions for use:
Add 2 cups of Concentrate Paste to the Bath Water
In alternative, pour a few drops on a loofah glove for an exfoliating and detoxing massage.

Different combinations of Ingredients can be agreed for bulk quantities. - please Contact Us.

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