Irish Organic Seaweed Products for Health and Beauty from Algaran, Co. Donegal, Ireland - Certified Organic by Organic Trust Ltd Licence No.778

Organic Irish Seaweed Cosmetics

AlgAran Organic Irish Seaweed Products for Health & Beauty

Algaran Seaweed Cosmetics are based on Natural and Organic Ingredients gently blended with Freshly Harvested Seaweed Extracts, which are produced in Malinmore, Glencolmcille, Donegal, through our exclusive cold extraction technology.

All our cosmetics are suitable for any type of skin, because they are simply naturally moisturizing.

It is well known that a well hydrated skin looks healthier and younger.

Algaran Cosmetics ingredients are Natural and Organic, making exception for the preservative, only where and when needed.