Irish Organic Seaweed Products for Health and Beauty from Algaran, Co. Donegal, Ireland - Certified Organic by Organic Trust Ltd Licence No.778

Carragheen Nutritional Info

Carragheen seaweed - Chondrus crispus - also recommended for recipes where a thickening action is required (puddings, gravy, etc)
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Typical Analysis of Carragheen seaweed - Chondrus crispus

Protein 11-18%
Fat 1-3%
Carbohydrates 55-66%
Vitamin C 10-30 ppm
Vitamin B12 0.6-4 ppm
Calcium 0.9-1.3 ppm
Iodine 200-300 ppm
Iron 170-210 ppm
Magnesium 6700-8351%
Manganese 2-28 ppm
Sodium 2-2.6%
Potassium 3.4 ppm